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About The Law Office of Jean Jorgensen, PS website

The information on this site is offered as a public service only.
It is not intended to give legal advice about a specific legal problem, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.

Due to the importance of the individual facts of every case, the generalizations we make may not necessarily be applicable to any particular case.

Changes in the law could at any time make parts of this web site obsolete.

Our attorneys are admitted to practice only in the State of Washington and the State of Idaho. If we make reference to the laws of other states and other jurisdictions, you must check with an attorney who is admitted to practice in that state or jurisdiction before taking or not taking any action.

This information is provided with the understanding that if legal advice is required the services of a competent attorney should be sought.

Potential clients of Law Office of Jean Jorgensen, PS are advised and required to read the Statement of Clients Rights and Responsibilities, which will be provided to them at the initial consultation.

Law Office of Jean Jorgensen, PS is responsible for all content of this website

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